CSO Bowl

Two nights of trivia, twenty-four categories, two mystery categories, potpourri. The categories were academic, cultural, historical and popular in nature which resulted in a diverse combination of team players from each House. Some questions baffled both the players and the audience while others were answered without any difficulty. Whole categories were dominated at times by one House and at other times, categories bounced back and forth between the various Houses.

At the end of the first night, Glean was leading the other houses by a large margin. Thomas was comfortably in second place and Inniss was in third place but Wildman was in hot pursuit being down by only five points. On the second night, Glean continued to widen the already huge gap between their first place score and Thomas’ second place score, winning almost the exact same number of points they accumulated on the first night short of five points. Thomas maintained second place throughout the both nights. The only two teams who alternated positions were Inniss and Wildman as they battled for third place.

Glean captains, Shanea Thomas and Theolette Simon accepting prize for 1st place.

CSO Bowl is a double point event hosted by the local alumni. The alumni officiated the entire event and and awarded every player on each team from all the Houses who played either on Night 1 or Night 2. Special awards were also given to the player who answered the most questions correctly on each night. Damian DaSilva of Glean received the award for Night 1 and his fellow House member Mali Newton received it for Night 2.

Damian DaSilva, outstanding player for Night 1


Mali Newton, outstanding player for Night 2


This is the fourth consecutive year that Glean has won CSO bowl. Congratulations to the captains and members for a job well done!

Glean      40

Thomas    30

Wildman  24

Inniss      20