Games Night

CSOnians filled the Rec Room and Comanche Suites on Saturday, March 28th to participate and support their team in various games. Pool, table tennis, dominoes, pictionary, taboo, FIFA, Wii Boxing, Wii Tennis and Wii Golf were all played, but taboo generated the most excitement and spectators who loudly cheered as teams were often neck and neck. The games began at approximately 4:30pm and the final game concluded somewhere in the vicinity of 11pm.

Each House won at least one game. The Conquerors, however, won more games than any of the other houses. All in all, it was a fun-filled, action-packed evening. So many faces were present that instead of it just being a House competition, Games Night 2015 evolved into a large CSO social event. Each house did an outstanding job as they competed for the top positions in each game. By the end of the night, Thomas emerged as the overall champions of the event.

Games Night is a double point event. Therefore, the points awarded to each House are as follows:

Thomas    40

Inniss      30

Glean      24

Wildman  20

Congrats Conquerors!!!