GRENADA- Celebrating 41 years of Independence!

grenada flag

At roughly 132.8sq miles with a population of just over 100,000people and located 12°N and 61.75°W in the southern Caribbean region, the Tri Island State of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique celebrates its 41st anniversary of independence in 2015. Also known as the Isle of Spice, Grenada gained independence from Great Britain on February 7th, 1974.

The Grenadian national flag comprises of red, yellow and green hues symbolizing the love of the people, the warmth of the sun and the lush vegetation, respectively. In addition, a nutmeg is located on the left green triangle representing the most famous product of the island. The gold outer stars signify the six parishes which make up the island and the large center star represents the nation’s capital city, St.George’s. Grenada is known for its rich history, culture and beautiful natural sites. This is evident when
visiting landmarks such as Fort George, with its dark past, and River Antoine Estate (distillery) that still uses traditional methods in producing rum. Grenada’s carnival, called Spicemas, is a major part of the culture with the famous “Jab Jab”, which takes place annually in August. Fishing is popular in Grenada, with the town Gouyave being known as the fishing capital of the island. Also, native to the town of Gouyave is Olympian Kirani James who boasts the only Olympic gold medal in the region.

grenada-sclupture-viccisitudes                Grenada-waterfall

When in Grenada be sure to visit the underwater sculpture park, play mas with jab jab, lime with friends in Gouyave for Fish Friday’s and most importantly indulge in their national dish, Oil Down.